A look at gemstones in handcrafted jewellery designs.

Gemstones are available to us in two main types and these are precious gemstones and semi-precious gemstones and both of these are used extensively in handcrafted jewellery designs. There are many things that have to be learnt about precious gemstones.

There are many ways that each of this gemstones differ and this is with the composition with the natural stone, like with everything the quality, and the availability and this of course will affect the cost. It goes without saying that if you want a piece of handcrafted jewellery that has a rare precious gem in its design it will cost you a lot more than a pair of earrings, jewellery bracelets, necklaces and rings that have semi-precious stones in the unique and original designs. We need to know a little bit more about these gemstones and one fact that might amaze you is that the diamond is not the most expensive gemstone on the market.

As stated the much loved and treasured of gemstones the diamond is not the most expensive diamond and there have been very many that have fetched incredible prices and one of these is the Red Diamond and this is one of the rarest stones we can find as is a rich burgundy colour and if you are not an expert can be mistaken for a Garnet. These are very expensive but there are more that have fetched more than diamonds. But who would not like one of these stunning stones set into a piece of their handcrafted jewellery?

Garnets are a beautiful stone and usually a deep red colour but the rarest of these gems is the Blue Garnet and these are very rare and can only be found in a couple of places around the world. The colour of these beautiful stone can range from teal blue through to a deep and rich royal blue depending on the light.

Painite is another gemstone that is quite rare and is not widely used in handcrafted jewellery designs. The lovely smoky colour has deep hints of gold, amber and this is one of the rarest stones on the planet so it is obvious that this is going to be one of the most expensive.

Black Opals are stunning with their myriad of sparkly colours and these are a lot rarer than the white opal. These are used in unique and original handcrafted ring designs, in pendants as the focal point and surrounded with other gemstones to contrast the beautiful natural colours in the stone. This stones shine and shimmer in the light making it a very popular gemstone to use in the making of handcrafted jewellery.

Another stunning natural gemstone is the Sapphire and when we think about this stone we think about it being blue in colour but it does come naturally in other shades from deep purple blue to pink and even a hint of green. These stones can constantly be seen in pieces of unusual handcrafted jewellery and the deepest blue coloured of these stones fetch the highest prices. Jewellery bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants and rings can all be found containing these stones in the designs and as with other gemstones it can be used as a focal point and then surrounded by diamonds.

So have you decided yet which your favourite gemstone is? If you were to choose a piece of handcrafted jewellery would it be a pair of earrings, jewellery bracelets, a pendant, a ring or necklaces? If you were to choose one of these which gemstone would you have set into the unique jewellery design? There are so many choices that it would be hard to choose just the one.

Bracelets a beautiful piece of handmade jewellery.

There are many different types of handmade jewellery, earrings, pendants, necklaces, brooches and of course bracelets. Bracelets are one of the most versatile pieces that can be worn both buy the young and old and come in many unique designs.

A bracelet is a piece of jewellery that is worn around the wrist and can be crafted from may different types of materials and different designs. You can have bangles that are usually made in one piece and these can be carved out of wood, a semi-precious stones or made from glass. Cuff designs made from metals like gold, silver, copper, brass and you can see these design crafted from leather. Charm bracelets are also very popular and these can be found with beads or charms or a mix of both. Bracelets are worn by both women and men.

The word bracelet comes from the Latin word brachile which means arm. If we look back through history we can see that both Roman and Greek soldiers wore bracelets that had been handmade from soft leather straps and to these were added designs that were inlayed with gold and silver. Woman would wear small versions and only on the wrist now up their arms and many of these designs were crafted from precious metals and set with semi-precious gemstones and so the bracelet was born.

Today the modern day bracelet can be found in many forms and is one of the most popular pieces of handmade jewellery. We have mentioned charm bracelets and in the last few years these have become very popular and can be found in many forms. The traditional designs where made from a heavy gold bracelet that was made from chain that had large links. On these links would be placed charms and these would come in many forms. These would be given to you on special occasions to celebrate a birthday or anniversary or a special event. The charm usually symbolised something like an Eifel tower if you had paid a visit to Paris, a rose if that was your favourite flower or something with a secret meaning and these pieces of unique handmade jewellery were treasured as there was a lot of sentimental value with them along with the monetary value. Today you will see these that have been crafted from many different types of materials, silver is very popular and to these are added charms in plain silver and many that have been enamelled with beautiful bright colours. Some of these charm bracelets have lots of beautiful beads added to their unique and original designs and now you are able to purchase bracelets that only have beads. This is a single bracelet that opens so you can add beads that have a large hole through the centre.

You will find handcrafted bracelets that have been made from precious metals like gold and silver and you will find these in simply elegant designs or you can find some with intricate engravings. These precious metals are also used as settings for semi-precious gemstones and sometimes crystal beads to add shine and shimmer to the unique piece of handmade jewellery.

Bracelets beaded from both glass and semi-precious beads are also very popular and many of these designs have the beautiful beads strung on elastic so that they stretch and will fit any wrist size. This is one of the reasons that make them so popular because it means you can by anyone of these pieces and know that it will fit. It also means that you could buy a bracelet beaded onto elastic as a gift and be confidant that it will fit the recipient. Bracelets of every kind can be worn in for both casual and formal events on their own or with another complimenting piece of handmade jewellery.

What to Wear with Leggings – A Little Legging Can Go a Long Way

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the best of times because there are these comfortable things called leggings that we get to wear. It is the worst of times because we have no idea what to wear with leggings. This confusion is due to the fact that leggings are neither pants nor tights, but are so comfortable that we want to find out all the different ways we can wear leggings and give a free makeover to our wardrobe.

Before revealing different ways to wear leggings that can lead to a self-propelled free makeover, we must agree on three very important rules:

Rule #1: Leggings are not pants so do not wear them as such.

Rule #2: Wear leggings with a top that is long enough to cover your derriere and cover our lady parts. If you don’t understand why this needs to be a rule, stop what you are doing and proceed to the nearest mall. Grab a seat at the food court. People watch for thirty minutes and then come back and finish the rest of this article. Resist the urge to give the people you saw a free makeover.

Rule #3: You do not talk about fight club. Sorry, is this an article about leggings? Then don’t forget the two rules about leggings and disregard the comment about fight club.

Taking into account the rules above, here are some items you can wear with leggings.

1. High heel knee-high boots. Love this look. This is great for fall and winter. Just tuck your leggings into the boots.

2. Long cardigan. You can throw on a long cardigan (over a long top). The cardigan can keep you warm and cozy and can offer a pop of color.

3. Long T-shirt. Throw on a long T-shirt over your leggings. To prevent the outfit from looking sloppy accessorize well or pair with a stylish pair of shoes.

4. A short dress. You can pair many summery dresses with leggings so that you wear the dress as a top instead of wearing it as a dress. This is essentially a free makeover for many of the dresses in your closet.

5. Ballet flats. This goes great with a pair of capri leggings and a summery dress worn as a top. Be careful if your have really big calves and this look can make your legs look like tree trunks.

6. Long tank top. This is great for summer. You can even layer the tank tops to bring in more colors.

7. Long top and short jacket. Wear a long T-shirt or tank top and then layer on top of it a shorter jacket, so that the fabric of the shirt hangs out below the jacket.

8. Boyfriend blazer. Wear an oversized men styled blazer over your top. Remember the jacket should be past your bottom.

9. High top sneakers. This a little bit of a younger look, but a very hip way to wear the leggings.

10. Chunky sweater. Great for fall and winter pair a long chunky sweater with leggings.

Originally introduced in the eighties, this time around the legging style seems to be lingering much longer and has proven to be a comfortable and versatile addition to our wardrobes. Let us take full advantage this free makeover wardrobe item before it goes away and we are just left with the sweat pant, which does not go with any summer dresses.Try it, use it, but never abuse it. Let us enjoy the era of the legging. Oh and one last thing, don’t tell anyone that we mentioned fight club.

Handmade fashion jewellery in unusual and unique designs.

When designing a piece of handmade jewellery in the latest fashion the designer can let their imagination fly and create unique jewellery designs in bright and beautiful colours. The materials that are used in these designs can go from acrylics to semi-precious stones.

Gone are the days when we only wear handmade jewellery for special occasions and these pieces are traditional and crafted from precious metals like gold and silver set with precious stones. Today fashion jewellery is created in unique jewellery designs from many different materials. One of the things that are very popular at the moment is acrylics as these can be made into any shape or any colour and they can come opaque or translucent. Acrylic can be used to make beads in any size, any colour and any shape and they can be made into any shape so these acrylic shapes can make fun and funky earrings, bracelets and necklaces. These acrylic beads and shapes let the designer’s imagination create unique jewellery designs that are limitless.

Wood is one of the natural materials that can be used to make these pieces of fun and fashionable handmade jewellery. These can be in there natural colours where the wood is only polished so that the natural beauty shows through inspiring the designer in there unusual designs. The wood can be made into beads and these can be left plain or they can be painted bright colours and some of these will have designs painted on them and these can be anything from geometrical to flowers or animals. Mixing the painted designs with the plain colours can produce some unusual jewellery designs with earrings, necklaces and bracelet jewellery in all the latest fashion designs. You can use these pieces of bright handmade fashion jewellery to brighten up a dull outfit or bring a little bit of colour to a dull day.

Glass beads and pendants are another bright material that can be used to create bright and funky handmade jewellery. Glass beads can be mass produced in any colour, size of shape so that they can be used cheaply to create this lovely unique jewellery designs. Strings of bright beads in different lengths can all be worn together to create an unusual Bo Ho look. Earrings in every length and every colour so you can wear a different pair every day, bracelet jewellery in solid designs and bracelets that have been beaded on to elastic so that they will fit any wrist size.

Ceramic beads are also available in many bright colours and these have been used for centuries to create original pieces of handmade jewellery. You can find mass produced ceramic beads and also handmade ceramic beads and many of these have very pretty designs pained on them and this means that a single bead can make a beautiful pair of earrings. Unique pieces of jewellery can be created from pendants that are made from ceramics and the colours and the designs of these can be stunning. Many unique and original affects are achieved by the artist with glazes of bright colours on the ceramic pendants. These pendants can be hung on chains or pieces of leather and for more delicate designs pieces of ribbons can look very pretty.

When it comes to creating unique pieces of fashion jewellery it does not make a difference what material it is made from and the brighter the better. You can even make a piece of jewellery by platting coloured ribbons, by stringing shells onto thread or using recycled jewellery to create new. Earrings can be made from buttons, bracelet jewellery from leather, necklaces from beads made from paper. Whatever the material the design has to be bright and beautiful and fun to wear and it has to make a unique fashion statement.

Use the pvc raincoats to stay protected in the rainy season


http://3.imimg.com/data3/MQ/QO/MY-3643437/pvc-raincoat-250x250.jpgPeople must keep themselves protected from any possible sources of health issues, with rain being the most dreaded one. While it can affect a large number of people generally, it can also affect the people who get wet in the rain. This has led to various ideas to keep a person to stay protected from the rain, with the best possible solution being the raincoats. There have also been many changes in the raincoats, just like any other field, with the current raincoats being made out of pvc material. A pvc raincoat can provide the user with numerous benefits that they do not even know could be helpful for them.

The first and most basic benefit would be in helping the people stay protected from the rain, without actually getting oneself wet. While the initial raincoats were found to keep the people protected from the top, they can find even wearable raincoat pants, which would keep even their lower areas protected from the rain, including the feet. While the most basic purpose can be easily satisfied, they can even offer other beneficial factors for the users such as withstanding any amount of water force on them. This ensures that the quality of the raincoats remain intact even for longer periods such as years together without getting ruined. Since they are completely water repellent, they can help the people to stay comfortable without any worries of getting wet in the rain or even getting their dresses dirtied from any puddle splashes. These materials are very lightweight, helping a user to carry the material anywhere they go easily. They can also find the raincoats to be waterproof, thereby making it easier to clean them up and store them easily in any place. Also, people who wish to flaunt their dress even during the rainy season can wear the transparent raincoats, making people to take note their style.

Anna Wintour implies that Kim and Kanye aren’t ‘tasteful’

On Mon evening, Pakistani monetary unit Wintour and St. Andrew Bolton, the conservator of the Pakistani monetary unit Wintour Costume Center at the Metropolitan repository of Art, weekday down with former CNN journalist Alina Cho at the Met for the primary during a series of such talks that Cho is doing with the repository, known as “The studio with Alina Cho.” The atmosphere onstage was remarkably mellow and colloquial, and Cho coaxed some pretty superb tidbits out of Wintour, starting from that contentious April Vogue Kimye cowl, recommendation the EIC provides to new Diamond Statesigners and her Last Day with Oscar de la Renta.

On that Kontroversial Kimye Kover:
“I see the role of Vogue to mirror what is going on on within the culture. the primary celebrity that I placed on the quilt of Vogue was Madonna, which was thought-about fully contentious at the time, too. It’s such an extended time past most likely nobody remembers, however she was a awfully contentious figure. currently she’s a part of the institution. i believe if we tend to simply stay deeply tasteful and simply place deeply tasteful folks on the quilt, it’d be a rather boring magazine! no one would refer U.S.. it is very necessary that individuals do refer U.S.. Going back to Estée Lauder’s call to form Kendall Edward Jenner the face of Estée Lauder. What an incredible call that was! they need an exquisite complete that is terribly historically yank, and that they determined they require to shake it up and reach a special audience. currently and once more one has got to do things like that. i believe it’s {part of|a a part of} the joy and part of being a journalist. I hope another Kim Kardashian comes on this year!”

Kimye cowl
On her recommendation that new designers usually ignore:
“In terms of what I tell young designers — and i am unsure any of them listen — you wish to stay targeted, [and] end up a very sensible business partner. the opposite issue I urge them to try and do, and that they definitely ne’er hear this, is it’s very worthy aiming to work for someone else. numerous of those young students begin of faculty and need to begin their own businesses and that is a slippery slope. It’s far better to travel work for Associate in Nursing existing designer and learn that means. however suppose|i feel|i believe} in today’s world wherever they think they will — and [people] do become — terribly famed nightlong through social media, i believe generally they’re slightly misguided in thinking that they can also build a living that means.”

On Oscar Diamond State la Renta’s last words to her girl, Bee Shaffer:
“He was therefore brave then terrific, jesting with [Bee] regarding her sexual love… My girl went over to kiss him cheerio and after we were driving off I aforesaid, ‘What did Oscar inform you?’ and he or she aforesaid, ‘He said, ‘Thank you for sporting my dress.’ that is the kind of man he was. To him the best pleasure was to visualize somebody in his garments. it had been a joy for him. Life was a joy. He was the foremost extraordinary man. It’s incredible on behalf of me to assume that he is not with U.S.. “

The ladies of The Hunger Games strike once more and more!

We’ve got the highest nine stuff you have to be compelled to apprehend this a.m. – from the most recent fashion sightings, to vogue news, to must-have merchandise – our daily vogue fix is that the best accent.

Scroll through the list below to check what is trending, what we’re doting, and what stories you’ll be wanting to share along with your friends!​​​​​​

1. the women of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – half one still reign supreme on the red carpet now in LA for the LA premiere!

2. painting motion-picture show player Audrey Hepburn’s female offspring simply got her initial modeling contract! Here’s the story.

3. once a protracted day at work, some women simply need a very little popcorn or even a sweet to satisfy that appetite. However, there area unit some evening habits you may need to kick to the curb (to curb your weight).

4. It’s virtually time to ‘gobble til ya wobble’ which may solely mean one issue, it is time to book your post-Thanksgiving bike at Soul-Cycle. don’t be concerned, they apprehend you’ll need to burn those calories, that is why they need a 90-minute ‘Turkey Burn’ stayed Thanksgiving morning (before all that Turkey).

5. gap Ceremony has teamed up with Intel to launch it’s own version of a ‘smart’ band, however, this band is proving to be terribly different! browse the total story at Fashionista.

6. If you are within the giving spirit, check that you check up on all the nice things that return within the new TOMS for Target assortment, accessible now!

7. If you’ve got stepped outside nowadays you recognize it’s COLD! Bundle up with these stylish neutral sweaters.

8. Matthew McMcConaughey and his lovable family attended the ceremony compliance the actor with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. does not his family look completely adorable?!

Matthew McConaughey Honored With Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame
9. longing for a bit street vogue inspiration? check that you check up on woman on the road for the most recent in desirable style!

Solange Knowles is perfection on her day, plus more

we have got the highest nine belongings you ought to understand this a.m. – from the newest fashion sightings, to vogue news, to must-have merchandise – our daily vogue fix is that the best accent.

Scroll through the list below to check what is trending, what we’re smitten, and what stories you’ll be wanting to share along with your friends!​​​​​​

1. Solange Knowles looked oh-so-stunning at her wedding this past weekend, and Vogue has all of the unbelievable photos. Beyonce’s sis wore a dress and cape designed by Humberto Leon for Kenzo. She arrived for the ceremony in a very beautiful ivory garment by Stephane Rolland. (VOGUE)

2. On the seek for some (very inexpensive) beauty treasures? Look no additional than your native dollar store. Seriously.

3. Stop the presses! Edward Calvin Kendall medico has simply signed on because the newest face of Estée Lauder, continued that whole Kardashian-Jenner world domination try. (Fashionista)

4. Keira Knightley has affected sartorial gold of late, and we’re merely smitten along with her Giambattista Valli look from the Hollywood Film Awards.

18th Annual Hollywood Film Awards – Arrivals
5. you recognize that rumor that blue blood William and Kate Thomas Middleton were returning to the big apple City? Well, it’s happening. And it’s attending to be wonderful. See the complete itinerary for his or her trip here.

6. Our friends at StyleCaster simply keep pumping out the knowledge, thus we tend to had to share. Here area unit forty vogue mistakes that fashionable individuals ne’er create. (StyleCaster)

7. have you ever started your vacation looking yet? We’ll offer you a vantage for the lads in your life: TOMSxTarget simply launched, and it’s stuffed with the foremost wonderful gifts for everybody on your list. Even higher, they are the gifts that pay.

8. on the far side The Row, take a glance within the magic that’s Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. (ELLE)

9. you may ne’er check up on policeman pins a similar manner once you see these twenty five new ways that to use and wear them. Get inspired!

12 wonderful dollar store beauty treasures

Ever since I touched to the big apple and my income went the manner of the dinosaurs, my neighborhood dollar store has become one in all my favorite places to buy.

It wont to be that i might stop by simply to refill on unit cleaners, tissue paper and varied oddities (where ELSE are you able to notice atiny low pouch of naturally coloured, shiny watercourse rocks to line rock bottom of your betta fish bowl?). But lately, i have been noticing another facet of the dollar store — a a lot of… lovely facet… that is right: Crazy low-cost beauty tools and products!

There ar far more than you may assume — therefore I popped into the fabulous ninety nine Cents and Up! store in Astoria, NY, to enlighten those of you WHO still assume shopping for your beauty requirements at Walgreens is budget looking. Well, contemplate those costs cut. Because, really, what is a lot of lovely than saving loads of cash?

(All photos: Nora Crotty. All photograph backdrops: ninety nine Cents and Up!, Astoria.)

Katy Perry can perform at the Super Bowl

We’ve got the highest nine belongings you got to apprehend this a.m. – from the most recent fashion sightings, to vogue news, to must-have product – our daily vogue fix is that the best accent.

Scroll through the list below to ascertain what is trending, what we’re i, and what stories you’ll be wanting to share together with your friends!​​​​​​​

1. it has been confirmed! Katy Perry are the suspension performing artist at this year’s Super Bowl, as finally confirmed by the NFL. Perry was reportedly one among three high-profile performers in talks to headline, however the NFL has selected the “Dark Horse” singer bring down the bowl in February. (StyleCaster)

2. Last night was the 2014 yank Music Awards – and therefore the stars came get in full force! See each single red carpet arrival here.

3. Our friends at Fashionista discuss the ability of a entryway purchase. Once you go luxury, are you able to ever go back? (Fashionista)

4. We’re most likely too excited for this – the Bellas ar back! See the primary trailer for Pitch excellent a pair of here.

5. Okay, however will a greenhorn building get overrun with rats?! Apparently the floors of 1 WTC that fresh house fashion’s bible — Vogue — ar managing a heavy rat drawback at once. nobody expects Pakistani monetary unit Wintour and co. to figure among vermin, therefore we have a tendency to hope it gets resolved soon! (Page Six)

6. therefore we’ve mentioned that the AMAs were last night. currently will we have a tendency to please discuss this Kaufmanfranco robe on Kate Beckinsale? therefore beautiful.

2014 yank Music Awards – Arrivals
7. ne’er get stumped once visiting the salon again! Here’s a straightforward tipping a hundred and one guide for correct tipping rule at your hair, nail, and sweetness salon.

8. designing your Thanksgiving outfit for Thursday? Here’s some inspiration from Olivia metropolis, flower Delevingne and more! (Glamour)

9. probing for a snug sweater for those chilly fall days? Take inspiration from contributor Sequins and Things!