A Temporary Home Away from Home

When I was younger I always wanted to live in New Orleans. I loved the stories I heard about the city and the shows that took place in the city of soul that I grew up watching. It inspired me a great deal and yet despite that dream of wanting to make it in the Big Easy I have instead found myself looking for apartments for Houston TX, one of the most unlikely cities and states I would have made home. I’m beginning to suspect that Texas and I are not going to get along but hopefully there’s some sort of lesson to learn or opportunity to be made while I’m here.

It’s not by choice, actually. My Uncle is in poor health. Thirty some odd years smoking will do that to you. He’s going to need a hand around his place once a week or so which shouldn’t be too bad; he’s a great guy and even if I don’t like Texas too much, sometimes you’ve got to stick it out for family. We’re not exactly close but with my Mom still working and his other brothers spread out across most of the United States, there’s not very many helping hands around.

I was going to be in the area for a couple of years anyway as I train on my new job so it’s worked out. The cost of living should help me save a good chunk of cash while I’m here. It’s going to be a luxury being able to save any amount of money. If I get to invest it, even better, I’ll consider this entire training exercise a success. The whole program is a joke; certifications almost always are but since the boss man is footing the bill I’m going to do the smart thing and bite my tongue.

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