6 Ways to wear high low maxi dresses

Dresses for girlsare comfortable and stylish option for summer. They are fashionable, versatile and perfect for different events.One dress in particular, has the potential of being styled for different moods and occasions be it funky, playful, dressy, casual or formal. Yes, maxi dresses are not only fun and easy to style, they can be worn to suit different occasion, purpose and taste that too with least effort.



A maxi dress can be found in a range of styles, cuts, colours, prints and fabrics. Just by varying any one of these attributes you can have an entirely different look to yourself. Besides, the versatility offered by them is nearly unmatched for. Also, the new trend of high low hem makes the maxi even more interesting.

The high low dresses for girlsis a bit confusing and intimidating but when done right it will prove to be equally chic and versatile. A high low maxi dress is any dress which is high in the front like any regular dress but low in the back similar to a maxi dress. This make maxi dresses even more interesting in the sense that it offers great coverage while at the same instance offering a bit of leg show. Well, if you find the high low fashion trend harder to pull off, here are few tips to make it work for you.






  1. A high low maxi dress is great for dressy occasions. Get something in flowy silhouette and pair it with some contrast shoes to make a style statement. Style it using an interesting clutch and a pair of earrings.
  2. However, this doesn’t mean that you should restrict the high low dresses for girls only for dressy occasions. High low maxi dresses can also be styled for casual occasions. In fact a high low maxi dress is a great alternative to a full length maxi dress. Team it with a cute pair of stylish wedges and you are sure to attract lots of attention with your unique and individual style.
  3. Well, if you want to wear high low maxi dresses to work, it is quite easy to do so. Regardless of the office dress code, go for structured pieces and pair them with stylish heels for a polished look.
  4. Pick the right length. In case if you don’t want to show too much of your leg, go for something which isn’t too high on the front. This will offer a subtle take on the high low trend.
  5. The high low dresses for girls are great for summers but if you think that you can get away by not waxing your legs you are wrong. You might skip shaving your legs with long flowy maxi dresses, but when donning the high low fashion trend please go and shave your legs if you simply don’t want to receive that disapproving look from everybody else
  6. Choosing the right shoes and accessories are very important when wearing the high low fashion trend. Since the high front is sure to put the focus on your shoes, wearing the right pair becomes very important. And since the high low trend makes for bohemian look, a pretty necklace and dangly earrings will only add to the look.

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