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Philips 47pfl7606k02 Test_1_2

Also ich hatte jetzt 1 Woche lang den Sony Bravia KDL 46EX725. Und war dort mit dem 3D nicht zufrieden, mit dem Bild ber PS3 nicht zufrieden und auch mit dem Ton nicht. Design ist Geschmackssache.

Habe nun gewechselt auf den Philips 47PFL7606K/02 und bin bisher absolut begeistert.

Da liegen echt Welten zwischen dem Philips und dem Sony Bravia.

Endlich wieder ein richtig gutes Bild ber PS3, beim Sony war das total dunkel und teilweise unscharf.

Der Sound beim Philips ist auch ziemlich gut, ber die TV Lautsprecher, htt ich nicht gedacht, bin ich sehr zufrieden damit.

Auch das passive 3D finde ich viel besser. Man kann den KOpf auch seitlich halten, es sind 2 Brillen im Lieferumfang und die Brillen sind viel gnstiger.

Auerdem bekam ich bei der Shuttertechnik von Sony Kopfschmerzen. Hier beim Philips nicht. Und der 3D Effekt ist genauso gut, wenn nicht sogar besser.

Das Design des Philips auch groartig. Der Tischfu und der Rahmen aus Aluminium, sieht klasse aus und fhlt sich total hochwertig an.

Komme auch mit dem Men sehr gut zurecht. Nur die Fernbedienung finde ich ein bisschen misslungen, auch eine 3D Taste suche ich vergebens. Man muss also immer ins Men, um 3D zu aktivieren.

Dann noch das Ambilight, etwas ganz neues fr mich. Und es sieht einfach bombastisch aus und lsst sich auch sehr gut anpassen, z.B. Helligkeit, Farbe, usw.

Der Fernseher soll auch sehr energiesparend sein.

Trotzdem bin ich bisher total begeistert. Und ich habe noch nicht mal das Firmware-Update gemacht. Mal sehen was sich da noch verbessert :)

Pixelfehler oder Clouding, was ich beim Sony hatte, konnte ich hier bisher auch nicht festellen.

Werde die Rezension in in paar Tagen noch etwas ausbauen.

Philips 47PFL7606K/02 Test

Latest Trend In Holi Clothes White Cotton Kurtis

Kurtis are as popular as Sarees among Indian women nowadays. Earlier, most Indian women had to choose between Sarees and Salwar Kameez but today Kurtis are a big hit among women from all sections of the Indian society. Starting from college going girls to working women or homemakers, Designer Indian Kurtis are widely chosen mainly because they are easy to wear and doesnt require much effort to manage unlike Sarees. Apart from a daily wear outfit or for parties and other social gatherings, Kurtis are usually picked for traditional Indian festivals too nowadays. Depending upon the nature of celebration of the festival, appropriate Designer Kurtis are commonly spotted on women.
Holi, like any other Indian festival, is enthusiastically celebrated by people all over the country. Moreover just like other festivals, Holi has its dress code too. However unlike other Indian festivals Holi is celebrated in rather simple clothes owing to the nature of its celebrations. White clothes on Holi are a must. Apart from White Sarees or white Salwar Kameez, white Kurtis are a popular pick on Holi by women. Many Indian women are comfortable in a pair of jeans and Kurtis, therefore for Holi one of the most common Holi clothes happen to be jeans paired with white cotton Kurtis. Apart from clothes worn by women during the celebrations, white cotton Kurtis are popular Holi Gifts as well. Holi Clothes are preferred to be affordable since it cant be worn again after Holi celebrations. Thus plain white Kurtis are perfect since it conforms to the dress code of the festival and are extremely affordable at the same time. Crisp white cotton Kurtis made of thinner varieties of cotton are great since they dry very easily and prevents the wearer from catching cold due to wet clothes. Besides plain white cotton Kurtis, cotton Kurtis in other light shades or featuring subtle printed or embroidered design are ideal too. Its not a good idea to pick a really beautiful or gorgeous embroidered Kurti since theres no chance of wearing it ever again. Instead of checking out embroidery or embellishments, its more important to ensure that the Kurti fits right and is comfortable to wear since thats what matters when it comes to Holi celebrations. Short white cotton Kurtis teamed with an old pair of jeans, capris or full length skirt look really trendy and are ideal for the lively Holi festivities. At the same time long white cotton Kurtis paired with Churidars or the contemporary leggings are best suited for Holi too as its trendy yet with an ethnic touch.

Romantic Mischief Be Nice ‘n Naughty In Leather Lingerie

Part of the “feminine mystique” is a woman’s imagination. As women have become more comfortable with their personal way of expressing their intimate personalities, lingerie designers have become more attuned to what women want from their intimate apparel today with an accent on enhancing all of the body’s senses.

Just like a second skin, leather lingerie brings a completely different tactile sensation to the largest organ of the human body, creating an awareness of your every physical movement. The use of leather in clothing goes back to prehistoric times; there is something extremely primal about how wearing an animal skin makes a person feel, awakening deep emotions.

In terms of romantic wear, the naughty lingerie designs beautifully crafted from top quality leather, can serve as your starting point for discovering a completely different side of your personality. Leather lingerie is the natural accessory to exploring the secret side of your personal intimate style.

Both women and men can be aggressive or passive, and having both of these energies in balance is important to a person’s mental health. All too often, women tend to repress their aggressive feelings which can lead to frustration mentally y and less romantic satisfaction. If you have been feeling a little bit too passive lately, review a few of the naughty lingerie collections and you are sure to find some appealing leather lingerie items that will find stimulating.

Just imagine yourself taking naughty lingerie from the bedroom to the social scene; flirting in a leather lingerie bustier and a pair of wonderfully fitting jeans can turn an ordinary night out on the town into a night to remember. And when you are ready to turn the tables and take control of the bedroom activities, leather lingerie empowers your command of the situation.

Naughty lingerie is perfect for those special occasions, like anniversaries, weddings, Valentines Day and holidays. Leather lingerie like corsets and such are perfect for weekend fun, or simply to you’re your love one that there special and deserve to look sexy and special.

The reasons to give and wear naughty lingerie, playwear, and leather lingerie can be your secret. Have a sexy Halloween party coming up, or like to play in a sexy fantasy costume? Sexy leather lingerie costumes will definitely fill the bill. You need a special outfit for that special someone coming home after a long time away? Naughty lingerie can be the perfect sexy and romantic homecoming gift.

Looking For Sloggi Lingerie Contact Under My Wear

Looking for Sloggi lingerie? Contact Under My Wear
Just imagine a woman wearing a gorgeous backless gown with a visible panty line. Has she not just ruined the whole look and made her self look cheap and unpleasant? Had she chosen her lingerie correctly, this wouldnt have happened.
This whole episode showed in a minute how important role lingerie plays in our day to day life. While a perfect dress can look unappealing due to the wrong fit of lingerie, even something as simple as a pair of jeans and t-shirt can be made to look sexy if the innerwear is right. Therefore, you must give proper time and thought when buying your inner clothing articles.
If you are looking for lingerie that not only score high in comfort but also in style then Sloggi has got your thing.
This high class lingerie brand has a vast range of undergarments including bra, panties, matching sets, nightwear, etc. There are so many panties that are meant for different kinds of dresses. Also, you can choose your lingerie according to the choice of your man. While some find thongs more attractive, there are others who are more into matching satin sets. Pick the one that appeals your man and get ready to have the time of your life.
Sloggi has brought the spark back in the lives of many couples and it can do the same for you as well.
The best thing about sloggi is that it doesnt only focus on the looks of your lingerie but also gives due importance to the comfort and fit. Its wide range of breathable and light weight underwear is perfect and lets you do different routine tasks in an easy manner. The company offers underwear for women of all ages and sizes.
So dont worry if you have a heavier bottom or an extremely small frame, Sloggi can provide you with that perfect fit you have been looking for so long.
The quality of Sloggi lingerie is so good that most women never want to try another brand once they start wearing Sloggi. The fabric, finish, cut, style and stretch, everything is focused upon to make you innerwear perfect for your body. With such a high level of popularity, Sloggi inner wears are available with a number of distributors.
Some of them even sell fake products, so you need to be extremely careful while buying you Sloggi lingerie. One of the most reliable and authentic dealers of Sloggi lingerie is Under My Wear. Based in UK, this distributor sells the brand through an online platform with the address . Visit now to place the order and receive your desired products soon.

Author- kinny is an eminent and experienced Content Writer in Looking for Sloggi lingerie? Contact Under My Wear related topics. Author has also written several articles on sloggi And mans underwear

Plus Size Lingerie – Big Is Beautiful

Plus size wholesale lingerie used to appear supplied within something resembling professional webbing. You realize, it was a little like individuals cargo restraining units that truckers use in order to safe heavy a lot on long carriageway the selected profession. Type of army problem looking, useful and not very pretty to consider. Nicely hang up on your freedom bodices girls since plus size lingerie got attractive. Now you can buy the most wonderful and also feminine small pieces of close to nothingness in about any dimensions possible.

With the coming of the internet and also online shopping plus size lingerie is provided in most individuals styles which are once only available in order to anorexia adhere bugs. These ladies blest using a fuller figure is now able to lounge inside lace or slumber within silk to their hearts content. Together with stylish genuine silk nightwear inside super plus dimensions and also matching wholesale lingerie models up to double E there is something regarding everyones physique so to speak. All women has to attractive as well as womanly it doesn’t matter what form or even size she’s. Wearing good lingerie inside real silk or soft smooth silk will make her feel special and confident whilst possibly even just a little alluring as well.

All of the designs you have constantly wished you could be have become easily available inside silk, silk and also lace. Now you can really feel pampered and specific inside the room when you lie inside decadent silks or satins. The types of materials are spectacular both in colour and also texture, smooth in order to touch whilst gorgeous about the eye. Silk in which shimmers and lights with each motion or even smooth slinky satins smooth against the skin. In the event you desire the greatest smooth luxury there are many online lingerie retailers which will supply genuine satin or silk slips designed to calculate for any ideal fit whatsoever your own form and dimension. Suppose the enjoyment of donning one particular made by hand masterpieces regarding real man made fibre under your preferred costume. The texture of in which genuine feminine man made fiber cleaning more than your system, each and every movement a constant reminder of one’s personal silky secret indulgence.

Thus females, the world regarding wholesale lingerie is the oyster at last. No longer lusterless industrial strength material in your case. Slip straight into man made fibre and also satin to seem like an actual girl. Luxuriate in a complete duration man made fibre nightgown and snuggle up with your own partner for the affectionate night time indoors or perhaps bar throughout the house within a pair of shinny satin pj’s. Dress to be able to make sure you even though it really is to please yourself. Give yourself a break to be able to something gentle and also slinky, you realize you should have this.


How To Kidnap Your Boyfriend_1_2

Kidnapping your boyfriend does not mean that I suggest you to tie your boyfriend in your room and you do not allow him out of your sight. What I really mean is to let your boyfriend lose his heart to you.
Girls pay most attention to beatify themselves. They buy beautiful dress to win the praise from her boyfriend. They pay lots of money to buy skin care products and learn make-up skill to make sure that they are young and attractive all the time. All these girls have done are for their boyfriends. In the hope of being loved and avoiding being cold between them, girls are willing to try every thing they can. However, they are still girls crying in the corner at night because they are dumped by their boyfriends.
So are there any methods to raise you girls position and to be the winner of love? The answer is definitely yes.
First, you have better not to deprive his freedom. Girls love calling him every minute their can to let their boyfriends know how much girls miss them. Girls want to stay with their boyfriends as much as they can. It is because girls believe that this is love. They often want to know every thing about their boyfriends in every moment even though they have noticed they have done something bad. According some of my male friends, they cannot stand with these kind of behaviours very much and they want their own time playing basketball and football with sweat and having dinner with their roommates with bears not just apples. Girls who want to have a happy love affair need to trust their boyfriends. Moreover, girls who are dependent on life are very attractive to boys. Nowadays, boys do not love those who are always with tears and who need to be protect every second as much as many decades ago.
Second, you cannot treat him as a automatic teller machine. Many female friends around me prefect to let their boyfriends to pay every thing in the daily life, such as clothes, food and sometimes, even expensive bag. Not so many boys can afford such high living spending. Moreover, if girls keep this habit, boys will say good bye to girls with the question of what you really love, he or his money. If both of you and your boyfriend are students, you have better pay together. If you both are company employees, boys can pay a little more for girls. If you do love him, share every thing with him.
Last but not least, you should try to be smart. Smart girls are very attractive actually, but many girls love to pretend to be stupid. In fact, there is not need to be weak in front of boys. They will be pride to have such a smart girlfriend. However, you cannot to be too strong in front of his friends. Try to show your respect.

Panties And Lingerie Tips For Girls

Lingerie refers to small dresses worn by girls either as Underwear or night dresses. There are many brands and sizes that come with Girl Panty or lingerie. They offer different styles and designs so it is important that you choose the design and style that fits you. When you choose the right Underwear in India you will look beautiful, have confidence in your self and display your best features in the best way possible. Women who are short or too small always have a problem getting the right Panties India when shopping for one. They may usually end up with one s that is either sagging or bras that are not fitting properly.

Lingerie will always include Underwear, Girl Panty, printed bras and so on. When looking for Underwear in India, you can buy your favourite Panties India by carefully choosing through the different brands and styles that are being offered in the lingerie shops. To get the best lingerie go to special lingerie stores that have advisors who can help you to get the best undergarments for you.

The professionals will take your measurements accurately and used special calibrated charts to get you the correct fitting bras or pants. The chart will have sizes like A, B, C, D or small, medium or extra large. Try out which of the sizes fit you perfectly before leaving the shop. When you are buying luxury bottom wears, look for ones that have slits in them. They make your legs look longer and make your height look better. When shopping for Panties India ensure that not only are you looking for right fitting pants but also those ones that have good fabric and are comfortable to wear.

There is plenty of Underwear outside there to choose from so make sure you choose wisely the lingerie you decide to take. They come in different variety and tastes so your choice should be one as your fancy dictates. When you look good you will also feel good and have self esteem about yourself. The lingerie stores are unlimited and there are special stores for every type of undergarment that you may require so do not haste in getting what you want. Try as much as possible of the available designs and style as possible. There is always something for everyone and you can not leave empty handed from the stores. Getting the correct lingerie is the start of self confidence in you.

Romantic Ideas For New Parents

A new born baby brings joy to the whole family. The family is on emotional high and is filled with overwhelming emotions. Couples are filled with love and pride for their baby. Everybody is excited. However As the days settle into a family routine, romance takes a back seat for the couples. All the time is taken over by changing diapers and catching some sleep. So here are some tips to revive the romance in your relationship.

Recreate your first date together. What were you wearing? Where did you go? Do you remember what you talked? Spend the evening reminiscing and reflecting on how far youve come as a couple.

Give them surprise gifts.

Take them out on a date as you did when you met, keeping the baby with the baby sitter.

Have a scavenger hunt. Writing poems and hiding candy kisses can be a part of the hunt around the house. Hide clues for the next step. Let the final clue make the grand opening of the sweet surprise. Include a bottle of champagne. New lingerie can also spice up the hunt.

Kidnap your husband. Arrange for a baby sitter for few hours or days and go out on a surprise romantic vacation.

A romantic fire accompanied by wine and chocolate-covered strawberries can play magics. Let there be your own indoor picnic. Roasting marshmallows with your kids can be fun.

One of the best ideas is to make your personal songs tape. Include songs from your wedding and the ones which you dedicate to your partner. Let your voiced dedication be the final touch. Secretly leave this tape in your partners car or walkman or briefcase.

Write a letter to each other. Expressing your feelings, share your dreams, goals, and fears for your relationship and your growing family.

Always cuddle up together when taking a nap while the baby sleeps.

Get out of the house. You both deserve a chance to be out of the house as couple and not as parents. Take a walk together or go to a grocery shop just the two of you.

Plus Size Lingerie To Suit Every Romantic Mood

If you want to send a love signal, you don’t have to say a word for your partner to know what type of romance you are in the mood to enjoy; let your lingerie do the talking for you. With the fabulous collection of intimate apparel styles available today, every woman has a choice of designs to fit her every whim and now the styles that were once only made for the stereotype model figure are available in plus size lingerie as well; from teddies to 5 inch high heels and adult fantasy costumes.

This is great improvement from just a few years ago when a woman wearing a size 20 had a limited assortment of lingerie styles to choose from; it is refreshing to see that more lingerie manufacturers have come to realize that there was a demand for plus size lingerie. The same concept holds true for the perspective of intimate apparel that plays a supporting role in romantic fantasies; what was previously considered trashy lingerie is now part of several mainstream intimate apparel collections.

There are many full figured women that have the desire to express their femininity wearing baby dolls, corsets and other styles of plus size lingerie to please themselves and their partners. But there are also women who experience fantasies where this type of lingerie just doesn’t have the impact they need; there are times when a woman wants to dress just a little more scandalously. The term “trashy” means different things to different people, but most often, it is taken to express a “bad girl” attitude. Finding plus size lingerie is a lot easier with the advent of Plus Size Lingerie Stores. When you’re curvy, you can’t rely on the size tag to determine whether you’re really buying plus size lingerie. Plus Size Lingerie (BBW Lingerie) offers Plus Size Bras, Plus Size Corsets, Plus Size Gowns, Robes and more. Just envision beautiful, durable Lingerie made especially for lush-bodied women which we will keep one looking great and feeling sexy. Go with slinky fabrics and bold colors to show off your curves. You’re beautiful and sexy, and plus lingerie stores have just the lingerie to make your nights extraordinary. For whatever mood you’re in, flirty, romantic, just a little naughty or decorous. Plus size lingerie, and trashy lingerie garments help in brining sexy to the forefront. Trashy lingerie in plus size lingerie styles will bring your beautiful; curves to the front.

Know The Important Feature Of Babyliss Hair Straightener

In spite of all the good reasons you have to straighten your hair, it is extremely important to understand that repeated use of ordinary straighteners can result in permanent damage to your hair. If you want to substitute unwanted curls or waves with sleek and shiny hair, the best hair straightener for this job is Babyliss hair straightener.
Babyliss has been rendering professional hair care services throughout Europe and America since the 1960s. Their hair straighteners are most popular among the home users because of their hair saloon quality results and affordable prices. If you do not have enough time to visit a hair saloon to cut your hair styled professionally, now it could be done in the comfort of your home with Babyliss hair straighteners.
Their new collection of hair straighteners are very sensibly priced and have all the heat setting features that are found only in the most expensive brands. There is no likelihood of burning the hair or getting them knotted or damaged as is the case with some irons which come with several heat settings. The titanium coated babyliss pro hair straightener would distribute the heat to the hair swiftly making the possibility of burning the hair negligible. At the same time the straighteners are powerful enough to make all types of hair loose their curls and frizz and become straight. Another remarkable feature is the large LED indicators which clearly show the temperature of the straightener so there is no risk of using an overheated iron on hair. The straighteners come with a four years warranty period.

Babyliss also considered the hazard of burning the stylist hands and countertop while straightening and produced the hair straighteners with Ryton insulation. Incase you forget, the automatic shut-off feature turns the straightener off after you are done. The long cable preventing entanglement makes the straightening chore all the more easier. Most popular among their hair straighteners is Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Digital Ceramic Ionic Iron.

Babyliss hair care accessories are the safest and most reliable ones available in the market these days, they promise you healthy hair for years to come.