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How To Identify Genuine And Fake Silk Scarf

Silk scarves have never faded away in the fashion trade. And as we all know that where there is profit, there is cheating thing. As for we customers, do you know how to tell genuine silk scarf apart from fake ones?

Generally speaking, it comes from our experiences, sellers or sewings can tell the material just from touching them. But as we could not have that many experiences, what can we do? Especially nowadays, there are so many synthetic fibers such as nylon, polyester, viscose fiber can be made into fake silk,it is hard to tell them apart only from touching any more.

In these conditions, we need to use various methods, or comprehensive analysis and research to draw a accurate conclusion. Such as Combustion identification method, microscope identification method, differential dissolution method, chemical coloring identification method, the melting point differential between law and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy method and so on. But we customers have no that kind of sophisticating testing tools, how can we identify genuine and fake silk scarves directly and easily? Dont worry, bear in mind that when there is a will there is a way.

So, here tells you two kinds of easy ways:

Feel and vision method:
(1) Vision, genuine ones show pearl luster with soft gloss. While the chemical fiber fabric sheen is not soft and only with dazzing bright.
(2) Silk fiber is thin and long, yet cotton fiber is short while wool curly and fibers are uniform.
(3) Feel. Genuine silk feels soft and is very comfortable when close to our skin.

(1) It smells like burning features when you burn silk, and is hard to last long, even may be self extinguishing. Ash is fragile, brittle, fluffy and black.
(2) When burning rayon (viscose fiber), it mixed with chemical smell as burning paper. And it can Continue burning very soon. In addition to no light ,the ash contains no dust, and only a small amount of gray or black ash.
(3) William Cotton, Polyester combustion is with kind of very weak sweetness, with no directly continuing burning or continuing burning slowly, ash is hard and round, pearl-like.
(4) It smells like burning paper when you burning cotton and herp ones, with soft and black or gray ash.
(5) Though with similar burning features, but we can easily tell wool apart from silk visionally. Wool is darker than silk and has no such bright light.

Picking Costume Fashion Jewelry To Match Your Necklines

We all know that fashion jewelry (also called costume jewelry) is a kind of accessory made as ornamentation to complement a particular fashionable costume or garment. But you know how to pick an appropriate costume fashion jewelry to match with your outfits? You know making a right match is to absolutely highlight your style and personality.

To help you determine which type of costume fashion jewelry to wear with your favorite outfits, let’s begin with the neckline. In fact it’s not every type of costume jewelry that you can wear with almost any neckline. Check out the below matching tips and learn what goes best with what.


Short Choker Necklace To Match

Since a majority of your neck will be exposed with a strapless dress, choose a choker or short necklace that reaches just above the breast bone. One of your favorite pendant necklaces could also work nicely with a strapless dress. You will want something that graces your neck and not a long necklace whose strands can creep inside your dress.

Drop Earrings To Match

To complete your strapless look, choose fashion jewelry earrings that dangle. Depending on the occasion you could complement a strapless dress with a long pair of chandelier earrings for a dressy look. Or simply wear a pair of drop earrings to make a classic and chic statement.


Chunky Or Layered Choker Necklace To Match

When wearing a v-neck dress or shirt, opt for a shorter necklace (or layered necklaces) such as a choker. Pearls are a popular choice these days, as well as a chunky jeweled choker.

Simple Long Earrings To Match

Long earrings go well with V neck, but don’t be too luxurious, simple linear shape can add the elegant touch to the sexy v neck dress.

High Collar:

Long Pendant Necklace To Match

A high collar dress or sweater is screaming for a long necklace like a string of pearls or several layered strands. At the end of your long necklace you can pin a small brooch. Or a long pendant necklace works just as well.

Stud Earrings To Match

Short earrings tend to look best with a high-collared neckline. You could wear a pair of stud earrings. A vintage pear of dangle earrings is another option. Your fashion jewelry earring choice should, though, complement your long necklace. is Fast – Fashion Jewelry base. Updated every day, estimated 300-600 new fresh product items increased every month, in order to respond quickly to the fast changing fashion trends and customer demands. JewelrySaga offers the next generation of fashion jewelry products, Fast – Fashion Jewelry, that are stylish and matching with the current trends, and the same time at affordable prices. Fast design, fast update, fast process, fast delivery, we make every endeavor to be the largest and fastest online supplier of fashion jewelry products.

Online Shoe Shopping – A Good Way To Buy The Best Pair

Still dreaming about which pair of shoes to buy? Get online and browse the top brands to bag a pair today! Online shopping of shoes is catching up fast as you hardly require any time to buy your favorite pair. The Indian fashion industry achieved a huge growth in 2011 with the footwear industry contributing a large chunk. With a 12% annual growth rate, the Indian fashion industry is expanding quickly. The fashion market is growing at a steady pace every year and the footwear industry holds 15% of share. Year 2011 was a great success for online shoe shopping and it is expected to shape-up nicely in coming five years. Well organized retail shoe market gave the industry its identity and stability. E-commerce helped in the expansion of the online retail space. With simplified online shopping options, the footwear industry has received a much better platform to push sales.

The drift towards online shopping of shoes

With constant changes in fashion, the online shoe market supports the buyers buying needs. The concept of buying shoes online is no more new or unknown. Popular shoe brands like Metro Shoes, Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Woodland and Lakhani sell their footwear online. The Internet is a modern platform for easy shopping and millions of buyers get online on a daily basis to fulfill their shopping requirements. Gone are the days when shoe buyers had to wait long for delivery. With easy accessibility and secured online portals, buyers can easily order their favorite pair of shoes and expect fast home delivery.

Expansion of Indian footwear industry

The global footwear market is booming at a fast rate and it is expected to do business of around Rs.12.34 lakh crore till 2015. With a 15% annual growth rate, the Indian footwear industry is expected to reach Rs.387 billion till 2015. Talking about the current Indian footwear market, nearly 300 crore units are produced annually with exports of 10% and 15% annual global production i.e. above Rs.2000 crore. India is ranked as the 2nd biggest global footwear producer. The Indian footwear industry is clearly dominated by mens section with a 55% market share. Womens and kids shoes constitute 30%of the market.

Online shopping of shoes is rising fast and currently it contributes about 8% of sales of the overall Indian footwear market. Online shoe shopping is expected to contribute 20% of overall sales in 2015. With all kinds of footwear like formals, casuals, sports and semi-formals available, the online stores are a shoppers paradise. With all popular shoe brands like Bata, Lee Cooper, Metro, Relaxo, Red Tape, and Converse, making their way to India, the footwear industry is moving ahead. With online shoe shopping being simplified, people find it comfortable to quickly browse through a collection and buy the shoes that they like.

History Of Bvlgari Perfumes

Bvlgari perfume launched in 1994. The company Bvlgari Parfums established in Switzerland in 1990 and dedicated the perfume marketing to high-end customers. Today it has more than twenty-five brands for women and men. The perfume quickly became famous and accepted by people for its quality and commitment. The designer brands are popular. The company has tester-sized bottles, which vend online to customers. Amazon and eBay sell them online.

The company extended its business following the successful launch of the Bvlgari perfumes. The marketing started in important cities like Monte Carlo, Paris, Geneva and New York. Today there are more then hundred joints where this brand of perfume is available. The perfume is exquisite. The name Bvlgari is 125 years old and recognized for its quality brands on various products. It has style and is luxurious.

The perfume manufactured with expensive ingredients. An ounce of rose oil require two tons of rose petals. Therefore, ‘Rose Essentielle’ is very well-liked among Bvlgari perfumes. You can try a tester-sized bottle. The Omnia Green Jade is a newly launched perfume from Bvlgari brands, specially intented for women. Aqua Marine Cologne is for men. Bvlgari launched this variety in 2008. It has a fragrance of aqua concentrate and grapes. The fragrance lasts for a long time and makes people feel refreshed.

The other famous brand from Bvlgari are Aqva Pour Homme, Omnia Crystalline, Rose Essentielle & Voile de Jasmin, The Rouge , Pour Homme Soir , Omnia Amethyste ,Rose Essentielle Eau de Toilette , Aqva Pour Homme Marine , Jasmin Noir , Omnia Green Jade , Blv Eau de Parfum II , Blv Eau d’Ete . While buying the brands be careful of fake perfumes. There are many imitations available in the market. Many shops vend this brand in the name of Bulgari perfume instead of Bvlgari perfume.

The perfume is costly. Of course, the brand name is accountable for its steep price. This luxury item is bought by the rich and affluent. However, if you need to buy it cheap then the tester bottle is the best option.Discount shops offer money back guarantee.

Lingerie for the Plus Size Women

Lingerie an Essential Part of the Women’s Wardrobe

It is not only crucial piece of garment but it actually reflects the sensuality of a woman. The word is derived from French and signifies undergarment for each the genders. But off late the word lingerie is connected with only females undergarments. s.

Fancy lingerie’s is created in satin, lace, Lycra or other fancy fabrics.

The styles and the cuts of each piece of garment are certain and a good deal of other detailing goes into making sexy alluring lingerie. The cut and match of the piece of garment is of relevance to every single lady. No 1 will settle for the greatest lingerie if the reduce and fit is not acceptable. It need to be kept in brain that no two bodies are alike. Thus lingerie ought to usually be bought post trial and not just by suggestions.

In the previous handful of decades, fancy lingerie was created only in the regular or the modest sizes.

This is due to the fact there has often been a demand of plus size lingerie but was in all probability ignored by the producers. The fit of the plus size lingerie has to be much more particular and precise. So all the females who did not locate fancy lingerie in plus size can now quickly make a alternative from the large collections accessible. The size and cut of the garment varies entirely from a single brand to one more. Thus when you plan to buy the garment, 1 really should take consultation from the product sales individual of that precise brand.
In addition, these days a single can attempt and obtain.

Although dark colours are sexier, one need to have stock of light colors also.
Acquiring caught in the incorrect colored lingerie could be really embarrassing.

For more information on lingerie you will need
to visit

Sensual Adventures With The Mallorca Escort Girls

Sensuality comes in different forms. When it comes to men, all levels of sensuality are exciting. If you feel this way, then you are invited to have a taste of the Mallorca escort services. The wonderful women providing this type of companionship services are way different that what you could ever imagine.

Mallorca is an exhilarating city of Spain. It caters mostly to the affluent class, although every body is welcome to drop by and have fun with its escort girls. The Mallorca escort are very accommodating, fun to be with, and sensual. The adventures that you will have with them will be nothing short of passionate.

If you are planning a singles vacation, why not consider Mallorca? Indeed, the things that you will experience here will be something that you wouldnt forget for a long time. Forget the notion that destination vacations are only for families. Single men who would like to give themselves a rare time with the ladies can very well enjoy this Spanish city and all the Mallorca escorts that they can handle.

Mallorca Escort Girls and the Adventure They Bring

As far as escort girls are concerned, the figure forming in most mens minds is that of a very sexy woman clad in lingerie. True enough. Thats the symbol of a Mallorca escort girl. Back here, that same lady is available for your exclusive companionship. She can make you a very happy man tonight. You can invite her over to your hotel room so that the heated fire could start overflowing.

There are many things that you can do with her, and most of them can be really naughty. Fun and entertainment are the expertise of these girls. She can be the woman who fulfills all of your wild dreams and fantasies. Your travel to Mallorca will surely be worth it.

Locals and Residents Should Experience the Mallorca Escorts

The companionship services of the Mallorca escorts are not only for the foreign men traveling to Spain for one reason or the other. Of course, the escort services that these girls provide are mostly for the consumption of the males around them. Who else could enjoy their beauties easily but the lucky ones who live in the same town as them? So whenever you need some warm body beside you tonight, dont hesitate to call the Mallorca escorts. They can give you all the fun and the excitement that your heart can ever wish for.

Inspirational Stories By Sudha Murthy

Women writers, like Sudha Murthy, are fast moving forward and being recognized for the originality, versatility and the indigenous flavor of the soil that is recognized in her work. A prolific writer in English and Kannada, Sudha might have started writing just about 10-12 years ago. She has written nine novels, four technical books, three travelogues, one collection of short stories, three collections of non-fiction pieces and two books for children and a collection of articles written periodically for columns. Sudha Murthys books have been translated into all the major Indian languages and have sold over three lakh copies around the country. She was the recipient of the R.K. Narayans Award for Literature and the Padma Shri in 2006.

Mrs. Sudha Murthy was born and developed near Hubli in Karnataka and she belongs to a middle class orthodox Brahmin family. She earned her degree in engineering with a gold medal in 1972 and had to spent a considerable part of her early married years helping her husband start his dream company, Infosys. She later took to writing when some newspapers in Kannada provided her opportunities by allowing her to write permanent columns. Later on, her articles came out in the form of books, one of her books, ‘Wise and Otherwise’ -a collection of column articles, is translated into 15 languages and more than 10,000 copies are sold in one year.

Sudha Murthys writing enthralls us with her simplicity, minute observations, and wide knowledge of human behavior. Her writing is just like her simple, intelligent and straight from the heart. Her books make you experience of the power of real life stories and move you deeply even if they dont come dressed in fancy words.

Most of her novels are in Kannada and unlike many who are more at ease writing in English, she writes in Kannada, her mother-tongue. Her main characters are women who are determined, educated, principled, middle to lower middle class and who are distressed with the conflicts that modernity and change have brought into their lives. Her protagonists are also concerned with values, money, fame, success and how they influence their marriages and their relationships. She considers writing almost a religious calling.

You can now buy books online in online shopping stores, where there are huge discounts offered. Along with the reviews of books, you also get a 7 days return protection with free shipping and cash on delivery. Without wasting anytime, you can place an order for your copy, today!

Philips 47pfl7606k02 Test_1

Also ich hatte jetzt 1 Woche lang den Sony Bravia KDL 46EX725. Und war dort mit dem 3D nicht zufrieden, mit dem Bild ber PS3 nicht zufrieden und auch mit dem Ton nicht. Design ist Geschmackssache.

Habe nun gewechselt auf den Philips 47PFL7606K/02 und bin bisher absolut begeistert.

Da liegen echt Welten zwischen dem Philips und dem Sony Bravia.

Endlich wieder ein richtig gutes Bild ber PS3, beim Sony war das total dunkel und teilweise unscharf.

Der Sound beim Philips ist auch ziemlich gut, ber die TV Lautsprecher, htt ich nicht gedacht, bin ich sehr zufrieden damit.

Auch das passive 3D finde ich viel besser. Man kann den KOpf auch seitlich halten, es sind 2 Brillen im Lieferumfang und die Brillen sind viel gnstiger.

Auerdem bekam ich bei der Shuttertechnik von Sony Kopfschmerzen. Hier beim Philips nicht. Und der 3D Effekt ist genauso gut, wenn nicht sogar besser.

Das Design des Philips auch groartig. Der Tischfu und der Rahmen aus Aluminium, sieht klasse aus und fhlt sich total hochwertig an.

Komme auch mit dem Men sehr gut zurecht. Nur die Fernbedienung finde ich ein bisschen misslungen, auch eine 3D Taste suche ich vergebens. Man muss also immer ins Men, um 3D zu aktivieren.

Dann noch das Ambilight, etwas ganz neues fr mich. Und es sieht einfach bombastisch aus und lsst sich auch sehr gut anpassen, z.B. Helligkeit, Farbe, usw.

Der Fernseher soll auch sehr energiesparend sein.

Trotzdem bin ich bisher total begeistert. Und ich habe noch nicht mal das Firmware-Update gemacht. Mal sehen was sich da noch verbessert :)

Pixelfehler oder Clouding, was ich beim Sony hatte, konnte ich hier bisher auch nicht festellen.

Werde die Rezension in in paar Tagen noch etwas ausbauen.

Philips 47PFL7606K/02 Test

Mix And Match Salwar Kameez Smart Dressing

Every woman in this world, no matter which part of the world she hails from, loves to shop for new clothes. It would be a dream comes true for almost every woman if they get shop every other day. Unfortunately, this might not be possible for many, thanks to the ever-increasing cost of living. As much as the idea of buying new clothes quite frequently is tempting, it might not be affordable for many.

Nevertheless, Indian women wearing a lot of Salwar Kameez or Churidar Kameez have a good reason to relax. When it comes to Salwar Kameez or Churidar Kameez, a new look can be created every other day without having to buy new clothes at all, the trick being Mix And Match. This mix and match technique is not only extremely economical but also stimulates and enhances a women creativity in fashion. The trick is to pair a matching Salwar and Dupatta with a contrast Kameez. The Salwar or Churidar and Dupatta of a Salwar Kameez set or a Churidar Kameez set can be paired with a contrast but flattering Kameez of a different Salwar Kameez set or a Churidar Kameez set. Many shops or online shopping websites just sell a set of matching Salwar and Dupatta as Mix and Match Set. This Mix and Match is a favorite amongst college goers and working women because of the variety of looks it can offer within a reasonable budget. Usually a Mix and Match Set includes a Salwar and Dupatta featuring printed pattern which is often paired with a plain Kameez in a contrast yet flattering shade. One of the things to consider while experimenting with mix and match is that one should not go overboard with prints. Since the Salwar and Dupatta features printed pattern, it is best not to pair it with a printed Kameez which might look quite weird and unflattering.

Guidelines To Match Your Jeans Color With Shirt Or T-shirt

In order to match a bright colored shirt or t-shirt, you must choose right color denim. You must always remember to balance a proper contrast and color balance. The idea behind all these is only to flatter your best features. So it is necessary to choose the color of the denim only after choosing the color of the shirt. The color of denim must be changed for different bright colored shirts and t-shirts like a bright yellow color shirt will go with bright blue jeans color. You must follow these rules:

Dark denim jeans add sophistication to an outfit and give your shirt to look more pop. With bright yellow shirt, you can match a mid night blue jeans. It will provide you a perfect look.

With bright red color shirt or t-shirt, you can wear a black jeans color but it is necessary to match this combo with a pair of bright red shirt with a pair of black jeans. While putting on this combination, you must be sure that your jeans have not faded to gray but it must give a look of rich black. Black jeans color will give you a good look for any shade of red. So you can wear any shade of red with your rich black jeans. There are number of different options for you.

You can also go for bright blue top with light blue jeans color but this combination works properly only if you have a fairly lithe body type otherwise it will not give a perfect look.

You can also go for dark wash as it is a best option for work. Usually it is available in darker denim colors like navy blue and also nearly black. They are usually similar color to most dress pants. You can wear distressed denim or jeans which are of lighter wash in very relaxed work environments but if you want to look polished and professional then avoid wearing it.

Your appearance depends upon many things like color of your out fits, cut of your jeans, and length of your outfits. If you wan t to wear jeans to your office then pair it with a crisp, solid-color shirt and also a blazer or cardigan.